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Welcome to LD50.co.uk, promoting Cumbrian band, Cumbrian Musicians, Cumbrian Music Festivals since 2005.<BR> <BR> <A HREF="index.php">See the new music video from Cumbria's very own band, Horizons.</A><BR> <BR> Read <A HREF="interview-with-james-maxwell-horizons.php">the interview with Horizon's very own Cumbrian Lead Singer & Musician, James Maxwell</A>.<BR> <BR> See <A HREF="newsfeeds.php">the latest Cumbrian Music, Cumbrian Band, and Cumbrian Festival newsfeeds on our news page.</A><BR> <BR> Checkout the <A HREF="videos.php">videos from Cumbrian bands</A> such as Sweet Zombie Jesus!, Blind Mountain, My Silo, Horizons, Hollowpoint.<BR> <BR>